Sex Between the Covers: reading, writing and discussion about sex at Glasgow Women’s Library

Glasgow Women’s Library

November 2014
In 2014 Glasgow Women’s Library was invited by the Wellcome Collection to collaborate in a season on the theme of sexology. The publication I edited in 2014 is a record of the complementary programme I co-produced. It includes extracts from discussion groups, selected items from the GWL collection that were featured in an associated exhibition, zine works, a playlist, films screened during the season, song & reading lists with commissioned poetry and short stories by emerging writers. The publication was designed by Kirsty McBride.

“This publication goes some way to convey the atmosphere of delight, discovery, anger (at the circumventing of women’s claiming of their own sexuality and sexual identities) debate and differences, commonalities and fun percolating throughout and germinating in the research, workshops, events and activities in the season.”