Coaching, Mentoring and Consultation

Over decades I have gained valuable experience growing, leading and sustaining organisations and working alongside, co- producing, co curating, supporting and coaching people. I have had a wide array of instructive experiences of varied organisational structures and cultures and the ways these inform ‘relational dynamics’. Since 2018 a facet of my professional practice has been to more actively and intentionally work as a coach, mentor, trainer and consultant for individuals and groups locally, nationally and internationally. This work is informed by my ongoing research, professional development and writing and reflections on intersectional and feminist leadership approaches.

What do I offer?

I enjoy and have expertise working with individual creatives, people with formal and informal leadership responsibilities within organisations and with teams and groups. I offer my own unique perspective and toolkit of approaches in each specific collaborative, coaching and consultative context and specialise in values led and solution focussed approaches to working.

Who do I work with?


I am enjoy working with individuals in a coaching or coaching and mentoring capacity including creatives and self-employed people (whether they are based in Scandinavia, Glasgow or US), supporting them to feel, find and grow their confidence in their core qualities, values, agency and voice. Typically the people I coach professionally are working with me either on an ongoing basis with periodic check ins or in blocks as part of their professional development. I am happy to coach in person (bearing in mind that I am Glasgow based for most of the year) or using zoom and people generally opt to work in one hour or one and a half hour sessions at a pace and frequency that works for the coachee.


I also work with people in a coaching or coaching and mentoring capacity who have or are stepping into taking on leadership responsibilities within organisations, these include arts and other managers, academics with leadership responsibilities, and Directors of organisations of varied scales and types; I have worked with leaders in organisations who employ a handful of people and those with over 600. My approach draws on my ongoing, advanced level coaching training, decades of commitment to values led, compassionate leadership and a belief in the agency of self-directed, future focussed learning and personal development.

Organisations and Teams

I am regularly invited to work with teams, institutions, and groups of different scales and types from established third Sector and campaigning organisations, cultural festivals, heritage projects and museums, academic and arts bodies. This work is always developed on a bespoke basis where I might be working in a coaching capacity (for example, induction on, and or facilitating Action Learning Sets), consulting, or offering support in an expanded way to support transformation, the development of Plans and Policies and change.

More about my approach

My approach draws on my advanced level training in Relational Dynamics 1st , decades of commitment to supporting people and organisations especially those grappling with complexity and ethics to; respond to challenge and change, to bring fresh perspectives to ‘stuck’ organisations and is rooted in my belief in the values of self-directed, future focussed thinking, continual learning and personal and professional development. In group and organisational settings I am interested to incubate and encourage ‘coaching cultures’.  

I have regular meetings with an appropriately experienced coach who supports and supervises my own professional and personal development and training, I am fully insured and am a fully paid up member of the Association for Coaching. I am continually adding to my training toolkit through sessions led by other coaching professionals (for example, in November 2023 I undertook coaching CPD organised by the Association for Coaching with the internationally renowned Somatic Coaching and Embodied Leadership trainer, Dr. Peter Hamill). I am in the Clore Leadership Fellowship Coaching Team.

Contact me:

If you are interested to find out more about working with me in an individual coaching/mentoring capacity, as a facilitator, a consultant or advisor please feel free to email me at: