I am a cultural worker, a coach, a para-academic, a creative and a champion of feminist and values led cultural leadership. Based in Glasgow I have been involved in and co-founded equalities rooted projects including Glasgow Women’s Library (1991 and ongoing) and have collaborated as a co-curator, consultant, conference contributor and co-producer with creatives, curators, cultural organisations locally, nationally and internationally.

I work creatively and collaboratively: my background and approach is characteristically cross disciplinary and cross sectoral, underpinned by a core commitment to addressing inequality. My art and design education (at Glasgow School of Art) and subsequent teaching roles and contributions to learning at GSA and in other arts education settings profoundly influences my methods, as do ongoing discussions, reading on and knowledge exchange with thinkers, activists, artists, writers and other creatives.

Increasingly I have tried to explore the ways I can productively bring my unique faceted learning and lived experience to projects and conversations within and across the collections, arts, curatorial, learning, academic and design sectors. Key aspects of my work have been the co-creation of counter-cultural spaces and places, the co-curating of projects and convening and supporting people to make creative cultural interventions.

                                             Notebook Archive, 1977- present

My life and work is deeply rooted in intersectional feminist thinking and action, including an ongoing leadership role at Glasgow Women’s Library, a project I co-founded in 1991. I am continuously involved in independent enterprises, projects, teaching, training and research; from developing a women’s self-build housing project, to Doctoral research on classism and the pleasures of self-fashioning.

Today, alongside my part-time role as Director of Creative Development, Delivery and Engagement at Glasgow Women’s Library, I work as a coach, mentor, facilitator and writer, as a panellist and interviewer and in a wide range of other creative and transformative and change making activities. My current research focus is on Intersectional Feminist Leadership.

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